Saturday, 12 October 2013

Delays delays delays.

The Return

Graffiti in Nottingham

Hello again! Anyone would think I'd have been off the radar for weeks! I suppose I have in a way. It's taken me forever to even get this set up going and it's still not complete. It's not through lack of trying though! 

I've been everywhere this past month, beginning to sort out a new start in England but it just doesn't seem to want to come together yet, so I'm holed up in Scotland again for a little longer until I have things in place.
On the plus side I have acquired a sewing machine to add a new level to my designing capabilities and I have dug out my Bamboo drawing tablet so whilst my scanner is still in storage, I'll be able to improve on my CAD finesse. 

So I apologise for the delays in which I thought I would be gone for a matter of days and which ended up being a fair few weeks! Ah well, can't wait to find out what you have been up to!

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