Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ghost of Christmas Past

Home for Christmas

Oh my gosh it's been so long since I actually blogged. I didn't realise how much I had missed it until just now. Beware! Long post ahead! But it's worth it, I promise...

Quick catch up - Still in Scotland, preparing for a short sojourn home beginning later today and concluding on the 2nd of Dec. During this time I get to see my family, celebrate birthdays, meet up with friends and attend the Creswell Crags Craft Fair where me and my lovely sister will be hosting a stall! We'll have lots of christmas goodies to sell so expect a nice blog post about that when I return, or perhaps a bit sooner. 

I bought myself a nice little gadget recently as well, a new Wacom tablet! The Intuos pen tablet, only a small one, but it was well worth the money. It's compact, lightweight and really simple to use, but then I'm pretty sure that every designer knows by now that Wacom make fantastic products.

Part of a planned series - Hooowl-em shake!
This was my first foray into using the Intuos pen tablet. It's part of a series that I began designing towards the end of October for Halloween, the others are still works in progress as I try desperately to increase my skill with digital media. I have the knowledge but time is precious to me at the moment and it's the making time to have a play with Creative Suite and other software that's the problem. Still, I was pleased with how this turned out, though it will certainly look better when it's with it's brethren. Basically the premise is creatures from hammer horror films, dancing. I do love how odd creative minds can be.

Another thing keeping me busy was a slight return to painting. I was commissioned (for a very reasonable price!) to do a pet portrait and it's certainly been quite a journey to do so! My paint supply is awful at the moment as I haven't replenished it since leaving University and as I had 3 dogs to draw and a rather large canvas to fill, I must admit to a couple of anxiety issues. Large canvases are certainly intimidating! 

Three hounds - acrylic on canvas board
Eventually though, I got into the swing of things and alongside using some emulsion and gesso, I had so much fun layering the paint and creating different textures. This was drawn out from an amalgamation of photographs and at one point it looked slightly like a mergence of Picasso and Pop Art! 
There are still a few things that I am unhappy with but I don't believe that any artist believes that they have achieved perfection and the most important thing is that my clients were happy with it, which they certainly were. 

If you would like a pet portait done for yourself or a loved one please feel free to e-mail robynjpond@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do for you! - Shameless plug over.

As was mentioned above, with time, painting and planning for the Crags fair, I have been neglecting my blogging duties. So here is a little taster of a card design that I did in about 20 minutes this very morn, in prep for Christmas. I'm staying within my realm of nature themes and drew this lonely little polar bear in his element. D'aww. 
Quick 10 Minute Card Design - Bold
I admit that the message is a bit cheesy but it just needed a caption to finish it off. I've had fun once again with my Wacom tablet to make this, now I'm just trying to focus on how to give a digital picture depth and detail and I think I'm going to go look up some other blogs for tips for this. The one thing that I do need to decide on with this piece is do I go for bold or pale? I'm still not quite sure, more experimentation is needed!

Card design - Pale

I can't wait for Christmas!

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