Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Travel and Craft Fairs

Front view of our stall looking pretty.
I have returned from my short trip back in to England and completed the craft fair mission. Sadly it wasn't the success me and my sister had hoped for as a competing craft fair took place that day and so footfall was incredibly low! Creswell Crags is kind of little known and out of the way, and despite their substantial advertisement of the event, very few people showed up. We did part with a few pieces though so it wasn't a complete failure and our stall looked pretty dang fantastic thanks to my sister's excellent set-up/design skills.

Bird bauble with bow and feather tail.
Here we sold cards, 'sledibles' which were chocolates and candy canes in the shape of sleds, boards with messages on to hang in the home and hand-crafted baubles, including my paper mache bird baubles as seen above. I actually got an order for 5 more of these to be made for someone, and I'm thinking of making even more to sell online as they really require very little crafting but look so quirky and sweet. 

Edinburgh skyline.
When the crafting was all over, I ended the trip celebrating mine and my father's birthdays which fall 4 days apart and visiting friends and family. So then it was back to the Highlands yesterday,  and it was quite the trek, a 12 hour journey to be exact, but a kindly taxi driver (who I had told I had never looked around Edinburgh before) dropped me beside the Edinburgh Christmas Market for a brief travel break, so that I could enjoy myself before catching yet another train. 

Edinburgh Christmas ride and beautiful winter berries.
I'd only ever passed through Edinburgh station before and I have to say that the city itself (though I didn't get very far in to it) is stunningly beautiful. The skyline, the buildings and the general air of Christmas was overwhelming. I had to stop myself from walking in to the art gallery close by as I think I would have missed my train. 

The cosiest looking stall at Edinburgh Christmas Market.

The market itself wasn't very busy as it was noon on a Monday but it was all aglow with fairy lights and rosy cheeked stall holders. The smell from the various German food stands, hot apple cider and crepes was fantastic, I wish I had been able to stay for longer to take more photographs. 

Back at base camp for now, looking forward to going home again for Christmas in a few weeks time, but until then, it's back to the drawing board!

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