Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tuesday Museday - 10/12/2013

Tuesday Museday

  1. Nordic Patterns (src)
  2. Pencils (src)
  3. Ivan Bilibin (src)
  4. Fairy Lights (src)
  5. Graham Durward (src)
  6. Christmas decorations (src)
  7. Fishing villages (src)
  8. A Muppets Christmas Carol (src)
Did a cheeky little Tuesday Museday didn't I? First one in about a month or possibly two, but I have been back to working on various bits and feeling quite inspired. I know some of these are objects, however, 'tis the season' and twinkly things have been taking my eye quite a lot, there is nothing cosier than fairy lights, I find. I also threw in A Muppets Christmas Carol because it's like family tradition. 
As for more arty things I've fallen in love with deliberate, visible brushstrokes since doing my dog painting and Graham Durwards incense pictures encapsulate that perfectly. Ivan Bilibin, an old favourite illustrator of mine from college has also been included as I've been thinking more about Grandfather Frost than Santa Claus as he's a little bit less about the consumerism.

Anyway, all this and previous Tuesday Museday's can be found via my Pinterest!

I suppose pencils you might think are slightly odd (until you read my next update that is!). 

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