Wednesday, 9 April 2014

We have moved! -

Sad to say my last blog has been had at blogspot. I have had a lovely time here but it's time to move on and invest in internet real estate. That's why this self-same blog can be found at! So if you fancy keeping up to date with whatever I'm getting up to next (including some big, not to be missed news just around the corner!) then click on the link/type it in to your browser and subscribe.

Much love to everyone who ever followed/liked my posts here. I'll be sure to keep up to date with you.

Thanks, Robyn of RJP Illustration x

Friday, 3 January 2014

Illustration Friday - Reflect

Drawing for the 3rd of January

Illustration Friday - 'Reflect'

So I'm sticking to my 'drawing a day' rule so far. Today's began with my visitation to the Illustration Friday website where the word of the week was 'reflect'. As I only had 1 day to complete this, I haven't done much towards experimentation with ideas but I remembered that I had taken an unusual picture featuring a mirror a while ago which gave me some inspiration.
The original photograph.
Adding colour.


It feels good to be productive! I wonder just how long I'll be able to keep this going...

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Years Resolution - Craft and Graft

So I was thinking about New Years Resolutions as people often do on January the 1st and whilst writing them I thought it would be fun (and productive!) to draw them and share them with everyone. 
My theme this year is Craft and Graft - self explanatory.

1. Draw something EVERY SINGLE DAY. At least 1 thing, if not more. Doesn't even have to be exciting or elaborate so long as I can keep improving on my skills throughout the year.

2. Visit galleries. And lots of them! I missed out on so many great exhibitions last year because I didn't prioritise my time and spending so I'm going to map out which ones I want to visit this year and actually go!

3. Set up shop. It's time to actually get this show on the road. I've been crafting more and more recently and with this new incentive to create I think it's about time I shared my creations with the outer world. So this year I'll be setting up my own etsy/ebay shops.

4. Learn to converse. I would ideally love to be able to strike up a conversation with everyone in any language at any time, seems slightly impossible but using the Memrise and Duolingo apps I'll be trying my hardest to make that happen. 

5. Drink water and get my Yoga on. I started doing yoga last year but I've let my laziness take hold and haven't been exercising as much as I should. Well guess what! Now is the time. Plus water and exercise are just brilliant for making humans feel better and if I feel better I'm going to be much more proactive.

I want to look back on this blog at the end of 2014, and be able to smile to myself knowing that I have worked harder than ever. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

HYN '14!

Just a quick illustration and entry to say Happy New Year 2014!

And also to thank anyone who has visited this blog in the past year.
Your support and visitations have meant a lot to me.

Expect more posts in the next few days, I've got a busy year planned already and the blue birds holding up the bunting are there to represent some hard work coming up.

Hope you all have a fantastic 2014


Friday, 13 December 2013

Giving Myself A Helping Hand - an update.

Helping Hand - An Update

I am a late bloomer. There, I finally admitted it to myself. I may have gotten myself a degree but I don't think I took my choices seriously enough. It was drilled in to me for a long time that I had to find my own 'unique visual signature' and the results of that are that I became stuck in a design groove. 

For a long time I only did ink and stick drawings, sure I may have manipulated them using software but I didn't really bypass that process for a long time. So here I am now trying to make up for it and branching out into new areas of creation. Finally.

Slightly off centre logo.
I'm currently planning a revamp of my website and portfolio because I think it's important to re-evaluate where you're at every couple of months, especially when you haven't achieved the goals that you wanted to at this point. I want to build a client portfolio and to network, I want a professional, website and I would very much like to start my own magazine/zine. Above is the new logo that I set up using Illustrator the other day, it isn't perfect yet but it may help to explain my pencil inspiration for the week. 

There's a small market my father goes to near my home village and he buys me old copies of magazines such as Computer Arts and Creative Review for cheap, the tips and tutorials in these have been a god send! I feel like I'm learning more processes now through self-teaching than I did in University, though of course I am still rusty. 

Here are a couple of illustrations I've been playing about with using Adobe Creative Suite.

Beginnings of 'Zumbie'

Practice painting in Illustrator
'Zumbie' will be an addition to the dancing monsters illustrations I have yet to finish and the hand was a. computer painting practice for which my hand served as a model, and b. just because I've become slightly addicted to looking at the artwork related to Palmistry, Tarot and Ouija lately. Odd yes, but also there's some quite beautiful stuff out there.

And finally, I have some sweet news just in time to make my Christmas. I was checking an old e-mail account the other night and I realised I'd sold some work! That's right, I've posted it to this blog before, but I have some designs on and some lovely people out there decided to purchase Pineapple stickers and a Space Fox hoodie! I was equally surprised and happy, so much so that I proceeded to do a little dance around the room. So a huge thank you to whomever bought those and know that the resulting fiver has gone on to fund someone's Christmas present so the good feeling is still being passed around.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tuesday Museday - 10/12/2013

Tuesday Museday

  1. Nordic Patterns (src)
  2. Pencils (src)
  3. Ivan Bilibin (src)
  4. Fairy Lights (src)
  5. Graham Durward (src)
  6. Christmas decorations (src)
  7. Fishing villages (src)
  8. A Muppets Christmas Carol (src)
Did a cheeky little Tuesday Museday didn't I? First one in about a month or possibly two, but I have been back to working on various bits and feeling quite inspired. I know some of these are objects, however, 'tis the season' and twinkly things have been taking my eye quite a lot, there is nothing cosier than fairy lights, I find. I also threw in A Muppets Christmas Carol because it's like family tradition. 
As for more arty things I've fallen in love with deliberate, visible brushstrokes since doing my dog painting and Graham Durwards incense pictures encapsulate that perfectly. Ivan Bilibin, an old favourite illustrator of mine from college has also been included as I've been thinking more about Grandfather Frost than Santa Claus as he's a little bit less about the consumerism.

Anyway, all this and previous Tuesday Museday's can be found via my Pinterest!

I suppose pencils you might think are slightly odd (until you read my next update that is!). 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Travel and Craft Fairs

Front view of our stall looking pretty.
I have returned from my short trip back in to England and completed the craft fair mission. Sadly it wasn't the success me and my sister had hoped for as a competing craft fair took place that day and so footfall was incredibly low! Creswell Crags is kind of little known and out of the way, and despite their substantial advertisement of the event, very few people showed up. We did part with a few pieces though so it wasn't a complete failure and our stall looked pretty dang fantastic thanks to my sister's excellent set-up/design skills.

Bird bauble with bow and feather tail.
Here we sold cards, 'sledibles' which were chocolates and candy canes in the shape of sleds, boards with messages on to hang in the home and hand-crafted baubles, including my paper mache bird baubles as seen above. I actually got an order for 5 more of these to be made for someone, and I'm thinking of making even more to sell online as they really require very little crafting but look so quirky and sweet. 

Edinburgh skyline.
When the crafting was all over, I ended the trip celebrating mine and my father's birthdays which fall 4 days apart and visiting friends and family. So then it was back to the Highlands yesterday,  and it was quite the trek, a 12 hour journey to be exact, but a kindly taxi driver (who I had told I had never looked around Edinburgh before) dropped me beside the Edinburgh Christmas Market for a brief travel break, so that I could enjoy myself before catching yet another train. 

Edinburgh Christmas ride and beautiful winter berries.
I'd only ever passed through Edinburgh station before and I have to say that the city itself (though I didn't get very far in to it) is stunningly beautiful. The skyline, the buildings and the general air of Christmas was overwhelming. I had to stop myself from walking in to the art gallery close by as I think I would have missed my train. 

The cosiest looking stall at Edinburgh Christmas Market.

The market itself wasn't very busy as it was noon on a Monday but it was all aglow with fairy lights and rosy cheeked stall holders. The smell from the various German food stands, hot apple cider and crepes was fantastic, I wish I had been able to stay for longer to take more photographs. 

Back at base camp for now, looking forward to going home again for Christmas in a few weeks time, but until then, it's back to the drawing board!