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5 things I Love: Illustration

5 Things I Love: Illustration

Okay so I suppose that this might be a slightly self-indulgent post but I know what I like and I want to share it. If I knew what you like, dear reader, then I would post that but unfortunately we have yet to be introduced! (Seriously, talk to me, leave me comments!)

It's 12 midnight and I've been on different websites all day looking at all things related to my favourite thing in the world: ILLUSTRATION, duh! Here are the results of the days findings, these aren't in order of best-worst/worst-best though.

(Disclaimer: the following are here due to my own opinions, not everyone is inclined to agree.)

Things I love no. 5:

Josephine Baker illustrated iPhone case: Have you seen this? Click the link if you haven't. Not everyone may find the joy that I do in looking at Miss Baker (I don't understand how you can't but let's be friends anyway) but even if you aren't a fan (seriously? no?) then just admire how lovely this illustration is anyway, how it captures art deco and how there's the hidden gem of a dancing Baker in the pattern on the fan Farah Allegue has created. It's on my 'to buy' list, which only usually gets longer and never shorter as I rarely have money.

Things I love no. 4:

Kris Atomic's blog: I will love this forever and always. It's so bright, pretty and full of things that make my eyes go WOW! Kris is a true artisan of the craft and beauty just seems to follow her around.

Things I love 3:

 Src - TimmyTebs
Illustration by M. Sasek (1959)

This is... by M. Sasek: Do I love illustration? Yes! Have you not been listening? Do I love Travel? Yes! Do I love the 'This is...' series by M. Sasek? YES! Stunning children's books about different places in the world. I got the one about London a couple of Christmases ago and I hold it very dear. In particular, the tube illustration makes my heart melt. Ah London. It's possibly a little bit outdated now with it's nannies and men in bowler hats (it was first published in 1959) but it's so charming that it automatically stands the test of time and stays awesome. And as a bonus, if you ever look inside 'This is the way to the Moon' there's a chimp in a spacesuit! 

Things I love 2:

Pretty much everything on the Illustration board by Rowen and Wren on Pinterest. OH MY DAYS, I am both envious of the talent and drooling over the prettiness on this board. I actually follow all of the Rowen and Wren boards because they all have quality pins but their choice in illustration is amazing. The drawings by Katt Frank are my favourite, they are so delicate and involve food which is a gigantic plus. 

Things I love 1:

Chatting to/seeing what other illustrators get up to via Twitter! I don't get all that much chance to do it because we're a busy lot (and I am quite shy) but every now and then I like to drop them a tweet or two or favourite something they've been up to. It's good to keep up to date with what my contemporaries are doing and share a friendly word. 

THE END! Check out the links I've added, I promise you won't be disappointed. And drop me a comment or a tweet and tell me about you! Thanks for reading.

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